I. Reservation and deposit
The reservation implies knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions. We cannot accept reservations from people under the age of 18.
The tenant will receive an email inviting him to finalize his reservation by entering his credit card information, in order to pay the deposit equal to 50% of the stay. Our online registration and payment system allows us to collect information, deposits and guarantees in a secure way thanks to our service provider Charge Automation.
II. Balance
The balance must be sent to the owner 30 days before the date of arrival at the premises. We will not accept payment of the balance on arrival. In the event of non-compliance with this period, the rental may be cancelled as of right without notice. For last-minute reservations (less than 30 days before arrival), the full rent must be paid upon booking to validate the reservation.
III. Cancellation
The consequences of the cancellation of a dwelling lead to the collection of variable costs depending on the date on which it occurs (cancellation fee 2% of the amount paid). The following scale is applicable:
- Cancellation more than 30 days before entering the premises: refund of the deposit  
- Cancellation between 30 and 15 days before entering the premises, the deposit remains with the owner.
- Cancellation less than 15 days before entering the premises, the entire rent remains with the owner.
Whatever the reasons for the cancellation, the tenant must notify the owner by email with a request for a reading/receipt notice.
Any interrupted or abbreviated stay, or any service not consumed, does not give right to any refund. Even in the event of repatriation, it is up to the tenant to take out appropriate insurance.
If a case of force majeure led to the destruction of the house or the impossibility of making the house available, all the sums paid would be refunded to the tenant, without him being able to claim subsequent refunds. In the event of cancellation on the initiative of the owner, the owner reimburses 100% of the sums collected.
IV. Insurances
By booking, the tenant agrees to be insured in multi-risk housing. We advise the tenant to take out cancellation insurance with his company for reasons of death, accident or serious illness preventing him from travelling.
V. Security deposit
For all furnished rentals a security deposit is required, in the amount of €400 not debited. It will be carried out by means of the credit card imprint already registered, the day before entering the premises. The tenant will receive a confirmation email. In the event of non-performance, we will not be able to accept your entry into the premises. The guarantee will be canceled within 7 days of the end of the rental. The tenant agrees to use the rented premises with care. The tenant will assume all damage caused to the accommodation, as well as the cost of replacing any lost, destroyed or damaged object. The tenant is liable for any damage that he or the persons accompanying him may cause intentionally or through negligence. The cost of damage will be deducted from the deposit, on invoice, plus a 2% fee.
VI. Arrival and departure
A few days before arrival, the tenant will receive by email the accommodation welcome booklet giving him all the information for his stay, and interactive.
As a general rule, arrival will be in the afternoon from 4.00 pm. If the accommodation is ready before, the tenant will receive a message. The key is in a key box, for which the code will be sent by email on the day of arrival.
Departures must take place between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. During this time, a representative of the owner will come by appointment to make an inventory of the premises (15 minutes). We insist on respecting the maximum time agreed for departure, the cleaning staff intervening on very short deadlines, we ask you to facilitate their task, as we have asked the tenants who preceded you. In case of early departure or staggered schedule, the tenant must notify 24 hours before. If the tenant is absent for the inventory, he automatically agrees to the acceptance of it.
As this rental has only been granted on a seasonal basis, the tenant agrees to leave the premises on the date and time provided for in the contract. Having also indicated his domicile as an address in the rental contract, the tenant does not have the right to sublet.
VII. Supplies
Your rental has kitchen equipment, dishes, furniture and bedding. An inventory is available in the welcome booklet.
Sheets and towels are provided. The beds are made on arrival. The linen for the sofa bed can be found in the cupboard, ONLY according to the number of people indicated when booking.
The premises will be given to the tenant in perfect condition and the machines in working order. The tenant must absolutely refrain from throwing in sinks, showers, toilets, objects to be obstructed and detergent products (javel), otherwise he would be liable for the costs incurred for the restoration of these facilities. The tenant must, before his departure, return all the pieces of the furniture to the place where they were upon arrival.
VIII. Swimming pool
The pool is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m (from 15th of April to 15th of October). It is the tenant's responsibility to take all necessary precautions for the use of the pool, especially if he is staying with young children, which he must supervise. The tenant acknowledges fully releasing the responsibility of the owner in the event of an accident that occurs to himself, his family or his guests. In case of disagreement with this clause, the owner asks you not to rent this accommodation.
The surroundings: The accommodations are on a plot of land with natural facilities and stairs. The owner cannot be held responsible for any falls and injuries.
IX. Obligations of the tenant
The tenant must behave as a responsible adult and ensure the proper maintenance of the premises that must be returned to a normal state of cleanliness upon departure. A departure cleaning service is included in the rental price, which corresponds to an end of stay cleaning. This servide included is considered for a dwelling left in a normal state of rental use. We reserve the right to invoice and deduct from the deposit the cleaning overtime that a manifestly abusive situation would cause on this point. The number of beds provided for in the contract cannot be exceeded, and the provision of extra beds is not allowed. Similarly, it is forbidden to set up tents in the garden or park caravans in the parking lot. In the event of a breach of these rules, the owner may terminate the rental and apply proportional compensation (in this case it will be charged to the security deposit).
It is forbidden to make noise between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
X. Wi Fi
The tenant is responsible for the use of the internet access made available to him during the rental period. The Wifi identifiers are in the welcome booklet. Navigation is the sole responsibility of the tenant. It is forbidden to consult web pages whose content is prohibited such as pornography, pedophilia, racism, incitement to violence. All internet activities are recorded and can be checked in case of suspicion of abuse. The use of access codes applies to agreement. WiFi and fiber TV are provided for convenience only and are not an integral part of the property's license.
XI. Nuisances
Unclosed land between the dwellings. The owner cannot be held responsible for irregularities, lack of respect for each space allocated between the villas (night snotch, etc.)
XII. Complaints
Any complaints concerning the rented property must be made within 24 hours of entering the premises

General conditions for furnished rentals